Posted on: November 26, 2008 11:32 am

Let me introduce you to Dave!

Dave is a great friend and colleague of mine and he is a top notch, quality guy! He is a little rough around the edges,  but he plays in a band and in most circles, including mine, is considered to be a pretty cool cat. But lately, his mancode is starting to be questioned. I am starting to wonder if Dave has what it takes to get out there and live like he should be.

Here's the question?

Why is it that when a semi attractive female with a penchant for the you know what comes a knocking, do we automatically drop everything?

 The girl in question is an ex-girlfriend of his and she is reasonably attractive. The problem with this situation is that my man left "Annie"(lets's go with that) in a decision that he called the best of his life. He was finally going back to his old seed spreading days as a single man. He even had one set aside to make sure that his winter nights were spent in someones arms(let's go with that too).
But lately he has been foregoing his responsibilities as a free man and starting to find reasons to 'have relations' with his ex. And the reasons, my friends just seem to get worse.

1. "Well, she's friends with my sister and I see her alot, what else do you want me to do"?                                                                                       

2. "She really is attractive and I was incredibly drunk"

3. "I was bored"

4. " I wanted to try out this new technique"

And this is the new one today

5. "I was cold"

What? You were cold. Really, is that the best you can come up with. My man has a girl that would love to make relations with him while she is playing the piano and he settles for the ex-flame because he was cold! I am struggling with this one. YOU LEFT HER FOR A REASON! Stop going back to the well. That well is dried up mate, let it go and start searching for greener pastures that have new wells built on it!

To all my mates out there in CBS land. It is time we as single men(congratulations to all of you that are happily married, and sorry to those of you who aren't), we need to step up our game. We need to stop settling for the same restaraunt we've eaten at for the last 2 years. Stop it, stop it, stop it! There is absolutely no good reason to do it and it just goes to show how lazy we are as a male species. Put the effort in lads and I guarantee that the 'comfort relations' will be a thing of the past. We need to spend more time paying attention to the small details and in turn they will start paying more attention to us!

It is clearly time to up the game boys and not take the easy road anymore.

Thoughts appreciated.


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